Fall Special – Grant Editing


   Small Grant

Up to 2 pages of narrative and 1 page budget


   Medium Grant

Up to 5 pages of narrative, 1 page budget, 1 page attachment


   Large Grant

Up to 15 pages of narrative, 2 pages of budget, 2-pg. work plan (no attachments)

Additional hours to review more documents and/or offer a second round of feedback are billed at $85/hour.

Please contact us for availability & scheduling

We’ve written and edited more than 250 grants of all types.

Our Approach

Our company’s most important goal is to support effective, sustainable community development.

This work strengthens organizations and supports the people who deliver social, cultural and educational services. We strive to make their work easier and more effective.

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I had the great pleasure of working with Andi Kemp in her role as Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon’s Grant Fundraiser. While Andi’s primary work at PPSO was in the context of writing grants – extraordinary grants, by the way – her skill sets extended far beyond that. For example, her successful approach to project management demonstrated the strength of Andi’s organizational skills, thoroughness and attention to detail. I was also struck by the sound analytical capacity she brought to bear in the areas of assessment and program evaluation. I appreciated having Andi on my team.

      Mary Gossart

     Vice President of Education

     Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon