We help people and organizations build stronger communities.

Vision for Equity

Creating workplace conditions that lead to greater equity for employees, volunteers, and communities. For community-based groups, this looks like ethical fundraising and culturally-competent outreach, with inclusive programs that are responsive to community needs. In management and governance, this vision includes pay equity and authentic representation for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and young professionals. Groups achieving this vision will feature shared power, transparent communication, and inclusive leadership.


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We use a strength-based, holistic approach when working with organizations. We focus on inquiry and understanding, so we can offer tailored recommendations to meet your needs.

We offer direct, honest guidance to leaders in the nonprofit and the public sectors, because we are also invested in your success.

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Organizational Development Consulting

Andi Kemp, Principal Consultant

Andi has written 280 grants and raised $160 million for 27 nonprofits.

They’ve completed assessments and strategic plans with more than 30 groups.

To date, Andi has trained 1,000+ people through workshops and leadership coaching.

  2022 Annual Report

New Testimonials

I thought the tone was very welcoming and inclusive, which was a real asset to our group given that we have had very little time in a physical setting.     ~ Board member, McKenzie Valley Long Term Recovery Group

“I’m so glad I got to work with you on the OHA Measure 110 grant. It was such a good experience and I felt so comfortable with you and also trusted you so very much. I can get a good read on people and I KNEW from our first meeting you were IT!”  ~ Melissa Jones, Director, Stabbin’ Wagon

“Having your support on this journey since day one means so much to me and your grounding force and energy is so good for the space and me personally!  We truly wouldn’t be where we are without each person that made it possible and you’re skills and training and support have been a HUGE part of my motivation and success with an this growth.  So honored and grateful for you!!!  🤘🏽💜🙏🏽” ~ Matrisha Armitage, Executive Director, Music Education & Performing Artists Association

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I had the great pleasure of working with Andi Kemp in their role as Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon’s Grant Fundraiser. While Andi’s primary work at PPSO was in the context of writing grants – extraordinary grants, by the way – their skill sets extended far beyond that. For example, their successful approach to project management demonstrated the strength of Andi’s organizational skills, thoroughness and attention to detail. I was also struck by the sound analytical capacity they brought to bear in the areas of assessment and program evaluation. I appreciated having Andi on my team.

      Mary Gossart

     Vice President of Education

     Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon