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Helping people and organizations build stronger, more vibrant communities.


Amplify the success and sustainability of organizations, helping them live their mission and become community development leaders through excellence in operations, systems, infrastructure, planning, governance, staffing, fundraising and partnerships that support the continual evolution of this work.

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Company Profile

Upward Development, LLC is a small business, a B-Corp (benefit company), established in Oregon in 2014 by Andi Kemp. The name reflects our mission as well as the continuous improvement process we apply to working with organizations and people.

As a B-corp, our purpose is to create a general public benefit and have a material positive impact on society and the environment. We work primarily with not-for-profit (nonprofit) organizations and philanthropic causes. We help leaders improve their systems, infrastructure, training and programs, thereby improving the quality and breadth of services organizations can deliver.

We also advocate for – and practice – fair pay and inclusive management that seeks diverse perspectives. We encourage hands-on governance by aware and informed board members.

Upward Development is led by Andi, who manages the LLC with support from a CPA in Eugene, Oregon – Don Sherry. An advisory board provides guidance and direction in regular meetings and consultation. Subcontractors and colleagues contribute to larger, more complex projects.

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Emerald Valley Development Professionals

Benton Area Development Professionals (BARD)

We follow the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Code of Ethical Standards.