Peers and Colleagues

We rely on support to lend a hand and offer perspective on large projects like organization-wide assessments, complex governance issues, strategic planning,  workshops and federal grants.

Experts in various fields like accounting, writing, law, planning, policy, leadership, health care, and HR contribute to company projects and support Andi’s professional growth. These folks have served as teachers, sounding boards, and volunteers.

Robin Scott              Jo Bartlett            Aimee Walsh    

Staff in the Lane County Human Services Division                        

Jane Scheidecker, CFRE                  Kemy Joseph                Kachina Inman    

Melinda Norton, LPC, LADC                 Pat Skipper                Mona Kemp, LPN, ret.

Karen Murphy               Mark Herbert                     Grace Chang         

Erin McSpadden                   Lindsay Serene                   Bethany Jobson

Julie Weismann              Anne Williams                  Carl Swart           David Atkin

Mary Twitty              Magi York               Dan Miller          Owen Heiserman

Heather Quaas-Annsa                  Joanne Alba                Mary Gossart

Joan Amaratti                Suzie Hunter              Lauren Walters          Jody McCurry

Jenny Russell        Dan Hiestand              D. Kendra Francesco         

Alma Fumiko Hesus                 Ashley Whitaker               Dyana Mason

Erin Barnhart, Ph.D.               Tree Bressen                 Penny Campbell

Thank you!