Staff and Board Members

Upward Development, LLC was organized as a B-Corp (benefit company) under Oregon law. Our purpose includes having a positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment, in addition to earning a profit.

Current Board Members

An advisory board meets quarterly to discuss financial statements, company operations, current clients and projects in administration and board development. We are learning our roles and focused on supporting a company as it transitions from startup to growth.

Hilary Stoebig

Tia Toumbs

Prior Board Members

Penny Campbell – 2017-18

KC Huang – 2017

Thank you for your service, wisdom and guidance!


Managing Member, Principal Consultant

img_20160907_114203Andi Kemp has served as a consultant to nonprofits and small businesses since 2010, and worked in the nonprofit sector since 2004. She enjoys supporting small and medium nonprofits (up to $20 million annual budgets), where the impact is personal and meaningful. She also seeks partnerships with the private and public sector for community development.

She advocates for best practices in leadership and management, focusing on affordable housing, education, health care and the social safety net. She’s been a housing counselor, development director, grant writer, trainer, assessor, researcher and board member.

Andi established Upward Development in 2014 to continue this work and build a small business. Since 2010 she’s served 30 organizations in six states and two countries, raising $19.5 million in grant funds and training hundreds of professionals.

Additional Consultants

The company relies on consulting support to lend a hand and offer expertise and perspective on large projects like organizational assessments, strategic planning, community panels and federal grant applications.

Roughly 10 experts in various fields (accounting, writing, planning, policy, leadership, management, HR) contributed to grant proposals, assessment projects and training workshops in 2015-2016. They served as independent contractors, and occasionally, volunteers.

Carl Swart                                  Aimee Walsh                                 Pat Skipper

Jane Scheidecker                                Joanna Bartlett                           Mona Kemp, LPN (ret.)

Melinda Norton, LPC, LADC                       Beatrice Dohrn                    Kemy Joseph

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