Nonprofit organizations (501c3 and similar, school districts)   $150/hour
Public and private sector (government units, businesses) $175/hour
Overage (hours beyond base contract) +15%
Rush Rate* $200 to $250/hour

 *Less than 2-day turnaround requested by client, or when we request information, documents or a response 3+ times.

Notes on Rates

Sometimes we offer discounts to smaller nonprofits (less than $250,000 annual budget) and groups in rural areas. Discounts are not typically offered until we’ve worked together successfully on a project.

Our rates are the same for all types of services.

Regional rates for development consultants and grant fundraisers typically range from $100 to $250 an hour.

We do not work on a commission or percentage basis because it does not conform to ethical grant writing guidelines, and this practice is not in the best interest of nonprofits. The Puget Sound Grantwriters Association has a great resource with more information.

Please contact Andi to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

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We Use Written Contracts

We develop customized contracts to meet the needs of each group or organization served.

Timelines and deliverables are based on the requested scope of work, applicable deadlines, the organization’s budget for services, and the availability of all parties.

Contract Types and Project Examples

  • Hourly rate contracts
    • A cap on hours is included to protect all parties.
    • These are best for writing letters of inquiry, and for developing small and medium grants. They are also used for editing, researching funding partners, and making recommendations for a few grant leads to pursue.
  • Flat fee contracts
    • These also include a cap on hours, as well as rush rate provisions and overage rates for additional time that may be necessary to complete the scope of work.
    • Better for medium to large foundation grants, federal and state grants, assessments, strategic planning, training workshops, and ongoing technical assistance.
  • Retainer contracts
    • These are typically used for clients with whom we’ve established a good working relationship.
    • May include writing multiple grant proposals, grant pipeline development, award management support, and/or major campaigns.

Requirements for all contracts

  1. There is a $1,500 minimum on any contract for services (~10 hours).
  2. All types of consulting and fundraising services are billed in 15-minute increments (.25 hrs).
  3. Regular communication and good engagement is required from all key parties for successful outcomes.
  4. The following clauses are in our contracts, though we hope to avoid using them:
    • Early termination fees on larger contracts, if less than 3/4 of the work is completed and/or paid for.
    • Fees apply if clients breach the contract and/or cancel meetings without notice ($75-500).