Andi is an experienced nonprofit assessor who enjoys helping organizations understand and reflect on their true capacity and potential for a bright future.

We perform assessments in three phases: 1) review of documents, records and online surveys, 2) onsite interviews with staff and observation of staff and board meetings, 3) analysis and report writing.

A final report with detailed findings and recommendations is presented to key members of the staff and board. The written report serves as a road map to strengthening the organization.The scope of the work can be as narrow as one department or as wide as the entity.

Previous clients say the objective input is highly valuable. Our goal is to provide accurate, objective, comprehensive information to help you make the best decisions for your organization.

Assessments can be undertaken at the request of the board of directors, funding partners or oversight agencies (typically state agencies), or executive staff within the organization.  They are best when done proactively.

We strive to build respectful, positive relationships with everyone. No matter the impetus for an assessment, it is a valuable exercise that can lead to profound change.


  • 360° assessments
  • Program operations
  • Community needs assessments
  • Human resource systems
  • Fiscal assessment*
  • Independent evaluation for programs*

*Notes: Fiscal assessments are lite, not in-depth. They focus on systems and how information is presented and used to make decisions. We are not fiscal experts, just adept at seeing trends and understanding how organizations work.

Assistance is provided with academic-level program evaluations. More practical evaluations (less scientifically rigorous) can be undertaken by our company. In fact, this is the type ~80% of nonprofits that complete assessments undertake. Statistically significant, peer-reviewed studies are expensive and challenging to carry out.


Andi completed six organizational assessments as part of a team of specialists with Meliora Partners, Inc. out of Iowa. She wrote comprehensive reports of nonprofits with budgets ranging from $2M to $20M. These reports were 30 to 50 pages with detailed findings and recommendations in 5 to 7 key areas, and appendices as needed.

In 2016 Andi led an assessment of a $10M organization with 250 employees, relying on the support of 9 additional consultants in the analysis and report-writing phases.

She has conducted two solo assessments for smaller nonprofits (<$100,000 operating budgets). This year she completed her first fiscal assessment of a nonprofit collective ($6.5M budget with 170 employees).

Andi has also developed, led, and analyzed two community needs assessments of multi-county service areas. She wrote comprehensive 10-15 page reports that informed strategic plans for nonprofits.

As an employee and consultant, she has informally assessed dozens of programs, hiring processes and HR departments, and supported independent evaluation for a few community-based education and health programs.