Our consulting work is focused on organizational development (fundraising and stewardship of funds), and management of programs and organizations.

Andi can provide the following consulting services

  • Grant readiness – review an organization’s capacity to write and manage grants, then provide a brief, customized report with recommendations
  • Technical assistance with large, complex grants and online application systems
  • Help you convey impact to donors, supporters and key stakeholders (annual reports, website pages, brochures)
  • Develop “full-cost” budgets for programs, projects, campaigns and organizations (includes administrative costs and full staffing costs)
  • Update policies, procedures, and job descriptions
  • Complete wage comparability studies
  • Leadership coaching

We have supported nonprofits with annual budgets from $10,000 to $30 million, ranging from 1 employee to 250+ employees. We’ve worked with counties, school districts, and community visioning groups.

Note: We are not experts in major donors or fundraising events, and we rarely do consulting with boards of directors outside of strategic planning and assessments.