Grant Fundraising

We’ve written more than 250 grant proposals with a 70% success rate, raising $23.5 million to support U.S. nonprofits.


We can

  • Research grant leads and funders using professional databases
  • Document the results and make recommendations on grant leads
  • Lead discussions to identify the best application(s) for you
  • Develop grant applications (planning, writing, packaging, and submission)
  • Offer clear and concise language, cohesive proposals, and compelling presentation
  • Help you cultivate stronger relationships with funding partners
  • Teach organizations to closely align requests with funders’ priorities
  • Support the creation of annual fundraising plans that include grants

We have experience writing many types of grants

  • State grants (CSBG, CDBG, Oregon Humanities, Oregon Dept. of Justice, Oregon Health Authority, etc.)
  • Federal grants (Head Start, USDA, ACF, CED, VA, HUD, VAWA, Title X, FEMA, etc.)
  • Foundation grants (small, medium and large – tribal and private foundations)
  • United Way. grants
  • Association grants (Rotaries, AAUW, etc.)

For more information, please see the FAQ page.