Professional Writing, Editing

  • Cases for support
  • Brief summaries (1-2 pages) of programs and initiatives
  • Outline new campaigns or strategic initiatives (following interviews, staff meetings and document review)
  • Contract development and drafting MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding)
  • Messaging and brand refinement (following discussions of mission, vision, values and strategic goals)
  • Support for communication efforts (internal and external)
  • Update or create job descriptions and quarterly work plans
  • Develop or update website content
  • Edit and craft key organizational documents like annual reports, proposals, bylaws, policies, etc.

We can also:

  • Review grant contract language
  • Survey staff and  board members (Survey Monkey and/or informational interviews)
  • Review technical manuals and offer suggestions for practical revision (personnel policies, program and fiscal manuals, etc.)