Success Stories

Supporting families in the Texas Panhandle   

For the past year, we’ve worked with a team of leaders at Panhandle Community Services. Mary Twitty, Bob Carlton, and Magi York taught us assessment work and grant writing, so it was an honor to be invited back to support this community action agency.

In 2020-2021, we raised $3.3 million for three key programs:

  1. Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) CARES funds – rental assistance to address and prevent homelessness for 300 individuals and families.
  2. Texas Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program to prevent foreclosure for 250 homeowners.
  3. An Office of Minority Health three-year grant award to provide outreach and education about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The project is designed to increase EITC claims in the Panhandle (only 78% of eligible taxpayers claim this credit) and reduce adverse childhood experiences – and risk factors for ACEs – among six target groups.

Pivoting during a pandemic!    

Andi supported Eugene Opera in developing a strategic plan in spring 2020. We began preparing for the work in fall 2019, before the world changed. Unfortunately, the Opera had to cancel its performance of Tosca – the biggest show of the season – on opening night in March. It was a devastating blow to the company, in the middle of our planning process no less.

Fortunately, the Opera’s board and leadership staff have been great financial stewards these past few years and were able to weather the crisis. They also came back to the table and we reduced the term of the strategic plan from three years to two years to make it more manageable. Andi led a recovery planning session on Zoom.

The board and leadership staff are to be commended for the incredible adjustments they made, which were not easy. When asked about key takeaways, one director replied, “We are not completely helpless in the face of the current disaster!” Another responded, “Being a small organization has advantages I didn’t realize before.” 

Barb Wheatley, a leader on the board, offered the following: “I was amazed by your ability — and willingness –to adapt to the drastically changed situation when the coronavirus lockdown began in the middle of the planning process. Despite this crisis, you were able to shepherd us through the process and produce a meaningful product even in the midst of the overwhelming uncertainty about the future that we are facing now.”

It was an honor and a joy to work with this group of thoughtful, creative professionals. Best wishes for a bright future!

Better grant fundraising in a music education nonprofit

“Your Community Resource Share workshop motivated us to better structure our grant application process!

We took the time to finish developing our grant toolbox to make it better up to date, and put into place your suggestion of tracking our funding research as well as our applications.

I spent a lot of quality time with the Foundation Directory at the downtown library portal, and it lead us to a ton of opportunities we’d never come across before! We’ve increased the number of applications we’re submitting each month, and each one has gotten easier thanks to all the centralized resources.”

            Rachael Young and Matrisha Armitage, Program Director and Executive Director

New VA Regional Housing Program – Supportive Services for Veteran Families

In partnership with St. Vincent de Paul’s Housing staff, led by the venerable Anne Williams (late Housing Director), Andi wrote the grants to secure VA funding and launch this new program in 2011. SSVF is an innovative “housing first” model. VA created this new funding stream to help end Veteran homelessness nationwide. This was the first SSVF grant awarded in Oregon.

To date Andi has raised more than $10 million with a 100% success rate for SSVF grants. St. Vincent de Paul expanded the geographic area of the program throughout the Willamette Valley in partnership with Community Services Consortium. The two agencies combined have housed more than 1,200 Veterans who were experiencing homeless in Lane, Linn, Lincoln and Benton Counties (as of June 2020).

The remarkable staff at SVDP have built a model for how this housing-first program can succeed, and VA recognizes them as an outstanding grantee. It’s been an honor to write the renewal grant each year.

See their good works at

Long-term consulting – Raised $2.8M for sex education, capital campaign

Committed nearly 4,500 hours over 5 years to develop 100 grant proposals supporting innovative programs and capital campaign. Efforts netted $2.8 million in grants with a 58% success rate on federal, state, foundation and United Way grant proposals written.

  • $950,000 won for construction of Regional Health & Education Center in Lane County
  • $300,000 awarded to convert to electronic health records in seven health centers.
  • $370,000 in federal & state grants won to launch a new program for ACA health insurance enrollment assistance (primarily Medicaid)
  • $1,000,000 in grants won to sustain, develop and evaluate comprehensive sex education programs.

Enhanced tracking, reporting and archiving systems. Development team of 5 people became more sophisticated & powerful under Jane Scheidecker’s leadership.

Learn more about PPSO at

Fundraising quadrupled in a growing nonprofit!

U R Awesome is an empowering leadership organization. Over an 18-month period this nonprofit’s grant revenue and community support increased by 400%!

Andi helped URA select tribal foundations in western Oregon whose missions aligned closely with theirs and wrote (or helped write) three grant proposals with a small staff. One out of three was awarded, and the staff did a phenomenal job of leveraging a $5,000 award to raise $25,000 more!

This fundraising success enabled URA to offer free workshops on kindness and respect to hundreds of youth and adults at Lane County schools and nonprofits during 2015-2016. They continue to thrive and grow. Check out their website at 

Raised $800,000 to support the Sprout! Food Hub

Andi worked with staff and leadership to develop a three-year proposal for Community Economic Development funds from the Office of Community Services. An $800,000 federal grant was awarded that helped NEDCO create 20 jobs related to Sprout!

Sprout! is a regional food hub envisioned and created by NEDCO in 2010-2011 in downtown Springfield, Oregon. The converted church building has a restaurant, year-round indoor farm market, micro-business incubator services, and commercial kitchen to help small growers, producers and artisans get their products to market. There are events and meetings in the multi-purpose community space. It’s now a thriving, privately-owned business called “Public House”.

Check out NEDCO (now known as DevNW) and learn more about community development corporations (CDCs) at

Please see Andi Kemp’s LinkedIn profile for more success stories!

Clarno Unit, John Day National Monument, Wasco County, OR