Planning & Consulting

“Andi is an assiduous freelancer that gets the work done…she is a great communicator and understands the needs of the client.”

                                                                              Vladimir Paraschiv
                                                                            Director, Grev Kafi Museum of Art

“Thank you very, very, much! You really brought us up to speed as an organization and now we have a more solid foundation with documents & strategic planning. It has also shown me that there are some critical considerations left on the table, but in the end it is all about people.”

Dr. Michael James-Long
President / Board Chairperson, Fair Family Radio

“Andi was very thorough and professional as our strategic planning consultant. She guided us through the process in a comfortable way that made it easy for us, while facilitating great discussions to get us thinking about important topics. As an organization we really benefited from her help, and I highly recommend her.”

Karen Rainsong
Executive Director, Singing Creek Educational Center

“Excellent work.”

           White Bird Clinic Employee

“Knows her stuff.”

                         Jackson Wegelin
                        Founder, Nymbull


“Last Saturday’s session was wonderful. I was so pleased to see the board so engaged!”

Mary Bartlett
Board Chairperson, Womenspace

“Enjoyed my time. Felt Andi drew out more info. from people (thoughts, feelings). She made discussion grow and flow.”

Board Member
Singing Creek Educational Center

“Great job! Thank you.”

Board Member
Singing Creek Educational Center

“I learned a lot about my board through this process. Andi was able to put them at ease, ask open-ended questions, and empower them.”

Nonprofit Leader

Grant Fundraising

2018 Workshop Participants

“So clear and succinct. I learned a lot. Thank you!”

“Nice job on presentation – Thanks. Please let me know if you offer another grant writing class.”

“Great job deflecting questions that didn’t pertain to the topic.”

Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland

2017 Workshop Participants

“Loved it. Hope you do more seminars.”

“Great presentation!”

“I would attend another of Andi’s workshops, and will also look into Willamette SCORE, which sponsored it.”

“Very informative. Andi interacted well with the audience. Would love to see a longer presentation, but was very impressed with the material covered in the time allotted.”

2016 Workshop Participants

“Wish I had taken the other classes!”

“Well presented and very informative.”

“Thank you! Wish it could be longer.”

“Thank you (Eugene Public Library) for bringing in Andi – a new grant professional with a fresh perspective.”

“Excellent information and I appreciate that it was to the point and didn’t get bogged down. Great!”

“A needed public and private service.”

“Great, helpful presentation! Thanks. 🙂 “


“I just received my ACT score and got a 33, which is 2 points higher than my target score! I had such a great experience with the ScoreBeyond program”. – JM